Digital transformation of customer service for FUN&SUUN (ex TUI Russia), the leading travel marketplace

A cloud-based CRM system based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 online platform provides support for sales and service processes in the sales offices, contact center, on the website and via support service.

When developing the solution, GMCS used the industry best practice and the company’s solutions in the field of Customer Relationship Management, built on more than 10 years of experience in CRM solutions from Microsoft.

Benefits for business:

  • Digital support for the development of the company's market model, taking into account major changes in the market in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Improved service quality and customer satisfaction
  • The end-to-end sales management process
  • Personalization of customer experience through integration with a unified customer profile and the main sales channels (sales offices, website, contact center, social networks, mailing system)
  • Monitoring the performance of the retail network and agents by key indicators
  • Making data-driven decisions with Power BI tools
  • Access to up-to-date data from anywhere in the world from a secure cloud

Project results are:

  • Reduced time spent on processing client requests by 80%
  • Consolidation of more than 15 sources of lead generation
  • Reduced lead processing time
  • Reduced time for generating reports and increasing the number of analyzed metrics

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A. Leushin
Head of IT Department, 2021

Cloud-based CRM system powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 online

« The cloud-based CRM system provides support for sales and service processes of the FUN&SUN's own sales offices, contact center, website and support service. The active phase of the project implementation fell on the period of self-isolation due to COVID-19, which did not affect the implementation of the plans. Today, the CRM system has been developing for scaling it to the FUN&SUN franchise network and other markets within the company's sphere of interests. »
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