Digitalization of business processes for Askona Group, the largest vertically integrated manufacturer and retailer of healthy sleep products in Eastern Europe

Areas of cooperation:

Implementation of an automated budgeting, analysis and forecasting system based on IBM Analytics (IBM Planning Analytics и IBM Cognos Analytics).

The system features are:

  • Sales forecasting for retail chains and wholesale areas, production planning with accuracy to each SKU, purchases, and stocks
  • Planned calculation of production costs depending on tariff rates
  • What-if analysis to calculate several budget scenarios online in accordance with the adopted methodology and financial algorithms, more responsiveness and budget optimization in response to changes in internal and external factors
  • Employees' independent work with the data using interactive dashboards to make visual measurements and build maps of strategic indicators

Business results:

  • The timing of the budget campaign has been reduced by 40%
  • Less time to consolidate and validate data, more time to make decisions
  • A base has been formed for the development of predictive analytics for forecasting and optimization of production. It allows continuing the process digitalization using artificial intelligence

Robotic process automation of routine processes based on the UiPath platform:

  • Robotic process automation of the processing of incoming documents (UPD, etc.) from Diadoc EDM system to the 1C system. Askona’s employees are freed from performing repetitive tasks
  • The time for processing electronic documents has been reduced by 150-200 times. The number of errors in data entry has been minimized
  • The accountant can conduct additional training of the robot, independently customizing the templates of operations, without the involvement of IT specialists
  • The plans include the development of new robots for accounting, finance and HR

Cooperation with GMCS continues.