Industry: Manufacturing
Platform: UiPath


Digitalization of EFKO Group, one of the leaders of the Russian food market

On the base of the UiPath platform, EFKO is carrying out large-scale robotization aimed at minimizing routine operations.

Together with GMCS, several RPA projects were implemented within the following financial processes:

  • Coordination of applications for payment: the number of specialists employed in the process and the processing time have decreased. The robot takes less than 3 minutes for each application.
  • Checking new counterparties: the robot checks counterparties by TIN. The time for checking is reduced by 5 times
  • Control of incoming orders: the robot checks the success of the import of each application into the 1C system and automatically sends a notification if the order is lost.

On average, the robotization of each process took 1.5-2 months.

The collaboration continues.