SOK Service Center RUS (S Group)
SOK Service Center RUS (S Group)
Platform: UiPath

SOK Service Center RUS (S Group)

Digitalization of business processes for SOK Service Center RUS, the Russian division of S Group, the Finnish holding represented in Russia by the PRISMA supermarket chain and Sokos Hotels

Robotization of business processes based on the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform for the SOK Service Center RUS, which provides accounting and other services:

  • Analysis of manual and routine business processes
  • Creation of an attended robot UiPath for printing and sending documents to customers (invoice, waybills), in accordance with the required parameters and conditions for the formation of printable forms

SOK Service Center RUS intends to establish an RPA competence center to increase operational efficiency through a virtual workforce.

Results of cooperation:

  • An effective tool for performing routine operations with minimal employee involvement
  • Increased speed of operations
  • Reduced number of erroneous actions

The cooperation continues.