Roca Group
Industry: Manufacturing
Platform: SAP

Roca Group

Enterprise data automation for Russian operations of Roca Group, a world leader in the design, production and sale of bathrooms products including brands such as Roca Rus, UgraKeram, Ceramics and Akvaton

GMCS became the company’s Russian partner for the development of an enterprise data automation solution based on the standard corporate platform, SAP ERP. The solution was based on a model used at Roca Group’s Swiss plant. GMCS adapted it to fulfill Russian legislation requirements and ITML, the international SAP solution specialist, adapted it to European standards.

The complete enterprise solution was deployed at each of the plants including: production management (from planning to production), logistics (materials management, purchasing, sales, export), and finance (accounting, tax, management accounting).

GMCS continues to provide IT support and ERP development services to Roca Group.

Results of long-term collaboration:

  • Improved management of subsidiaries
  • Improved product quality and customer service


L. Kanareikina
Chief Accountant, Roca Group, 2008

Control system has significantly eased a laborious bank accounting procedure

« GMCS’ consultants were able to complete the difficult task of adapting the control system implemented by foreign experts, in full compliance with Russian laws and to automate the banking operations, which has significantly eased a laborious bank accounting procedure. »