Industry: Manufacturing
Platform: Microsoft


Business process improvement for ABI PRODUCT Holding - one of the largest meat processing companies in Russia with a full production and distribution cycle

GMCS migrated the automated enterprise management system from the version of MS AXAPTA 3.0 to the version of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, covering the company's central office in Vladimir and a warehouse in the Yaroslavl region.

The single system automates the following processes: financial accounting, receivables management, transport logistics, warehouse management, sales orders, reference data management, returns, pricing, forwarding, inventory, consumables. The solution is integrated with external information systems, including EDI and mobile sales system.

System features:

  • Algorithm for selecting and distributing limited product stocks between orders according to customer priorities and contractual conditions
  • Unified standards for warehouse management, taking into account industry specifics: web-interface of data collection terminals, integration with peripheral equipment (weight and sticker equipment), minimization of weight errors, weight control at all stages of cargo handling
  • Transport logistics: the optimal choice of the supplier for each transport, control of transportation costs, plan-fact analysis, control of delivery efficiency, integration with external monitoring systems
  • Solution "VerEx. Veterinary" helped to transfer automatically necessary data on the production and processing of veterinary products from a single system into Mercury Federal System through the universal gateway Vetis.API version 2.0


  • Maximizing warehouse space utilization
  • Reduced time to complete orders and prepare documents
  • Improved quality of customer service, reduction in the number of complaints and penalties
  • Reduced time and labor costs for registration of veterinary accompanying documentation

GMCS continues cooperation with ABI PRODUCT within solution replication to the rest of the company's separate divisions and technical support services.