IT Professional Outsourcing

We are a reliable IT Outsourcing Partner, who provides the kind of proactive, “can do” IT expertise. Having subject-matter and technical knowledge as well as proven tools, we are able to complete even the most demanding tasks and most complex projects.

We offer IT professionals of any level:

  • Consultant (Technical, Functional)
  • Architect (Technical, Solution)
  • Developer / Programmer
  • Tester

The main scope of activities of our professionals is:

  • Integration: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, IBM Cognos, IBM Analytics, Ferranti (MECOMSTM
  • Software Development: C, C++ (DCOM/COM), .NET, Java, Windows Mobile, Google Android

Time & Material Model:

  • We charge our clients for the time actually spent by our professionals involved in the project.
  • Once your core requirements defined, we would carefully pick out a compatible team that has the right knowledge base and experience.
  • Our service delivery model, resting upon our countrywide presence, allows us to respond immediately to a client's needs regardless of a company’s location


  • No Interviewing process overhead, like full time employee
  • No Payroll tax overhead, like full time employee
  • No Vacation pay overhead, like full time employee
  • Transparency and visibility with simple and efficient organization
  • Guarantee of high-quality performance
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Control IT costs
  • Personal key account manager (PAM) for each big client responsible for solving all related issues
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Compliance with the local legislation
IT Professional Outsourcing Download (PDF 1.07 Mb)