Yota moved to Microsoft Dynamics 365
16 May 2019

Yota moved to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Yota, a Russian mobile broadband services provider, has transferred a customer service system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the help of GMCS. Newly optimized CRM processes improve customer service quality and help to develop Yota’s digital services.

The latest software version covers the key service processes: b2c and b2b sales, product management, marketing and virtual operator’s functions.

Employees at Yota call center, especially who work remotely, use an interface of “Client’s single window”. “Client’s single window” is GMCS solution based on Microsoft Dynamics. The solution consolidates the data from service, billing, geographic and other information systems of the mobile network operator. The solution is integrated with IP-telephony, website, chat rooms and other communication channels. 

“We in Yota use advanced technologies to improve business performance and quality of work with our clients. For example, we have lately started to apply computer vision to assess the quality of work of employees at every point of sale. System migration to a new software version is aimed at optimization of IT landscape, risk minimization, and the most important – getting access to all advantages Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives,” said Konstantin Gorelik, CIO, Yota. 

GMCS works with Yota for more than 7 years. The customer service system was initially based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The system has been in commercial use since 2012. 

“We have carried out the migration to the latest software version against a tight deadline, partly because of New Year's moratorium on updates (the specifics of a telecommunication company). Yota had only 2 months and a couple of weeks to stabilize the system. The code accumulated over several years of system development was optimized. It was very important for the project in which developments took place from release to release,” added Aurika Savchuk, Head of Department of Relationship Management Solutions, GMCS. 

About Yota 

Yota is a Russian mobile broadband services provider with federal coverage in 2G / 3G / 4G networks. The main services of the company are mobile voice telephony and 4G Internet.