Hoff transferred the main processes to the domestic PIX RPA platform
Hoff transferred the main processes to the domestic PIX RPA platform
1 December 2022

Hoff transferred the main processes to the domestic PIX RPA platform

By the end of the year, all 50 processes will be completely transferred from the foreign UiPath platform to PIX RPA as part of the import substitution program.

Hoff, one of the largest Russian furniture companies, has transferred the main robotic processes from UiPath to the domestic PIX RPA platform. By the end of the year, Hoff plans to fully transfer all 50 processes to the PIX platform.

Hoff has been actively using software robots since 2019 to reduce the routine in the work of employees in various fields. In total, the company has robotized about 50 processes: from working with an ERP system and e-mail, to recognizing a package of documents arriving at the warehouse when receiving goods. Digital employees accelerate the work of finance, customer service and procurement departments.

Prior to the introduction of PIX RPA, all processes were running on the UiPath platform. However, when in the spring of 2022 many foreign vendors suspended support for Russian customers, the Hoff team decided to migrate to domestic products.  

"At the moment, we have transferred all the processes that are crucial for us to the PIX platform. At the same time, we started robotizing new processes, as our specialists mastered the platform in a short time. The orchestrators of domestic RPA vendors were inferior in functionality to UiPath, but the PIX team is actively refining and developing the product, listening to the wishes of customers. Thanks to the new RPA platform, we were not only able to complete the RPA import substitution program, but also reduce costs without any loss of quality," comments Konstantin Peshekhonov, CEO of HoffTech. 

Hoff compared several RPA solutions according to a set of criteria important for the company and, as a result of the aggregate indicators, chose a solution from the Russian developer PIX Robotics. GMCS was a partner in the migration project, together with which Hoff began developing the practice of robotics in the company a few years ago.

The migration roadmap was divided into four stages: deployment of the PIX RPA infrastructure, self-training of employees and porting priority robots to adapt to the new environment, migration audit and stabilization of the PIX RPA infrastructure, and then a full transition to the PIX platform.

"Migration in such a short time has become a real challenge for many companies. The Hoff team is deeply immersed in the topic of RPA and wisely approached the transfer of robots to the Russian platform. The active interaction of the vendor and the RPA Hoff team helped speed up the migration process. We promptly resolved issues and developed the functionality of the PIX platform in the shortest possible time. We are grateful to Hoff for the ideas for the development of PIX products, which ultimately give additional value to both Hoff and the entire market," comments Vyacheslav Musolov, Commercial Director of PIX Robotics.

"We have been working with Hoff for many years, it is one of our long-standing clients, including on the robotization of business processes. When the question arose of finding a replacement for UiPath, we were able to offer PIX RPA as an alternative, because we have been working with this platform for a long time, we were able to study the product well, by that time we were doing several migration projects to this platform and successfully cooperating with the vendor. We advised the customer at the stage of drawing up the roadmap, and also helped to understand the functionality of PIX RPA in the process of robot migration," notes Dmitry Smykalov, Head of the RPA Department, GMCS.

About Hoff

Hoff is one of the largest Russian and dynamically developing furniture chains. The only Russian chain of furniture and home accessories operating in the hypermarket format. Hypermarkets have a unique format for the Russian market - "All in one place". To date, the Hoff hypermarket chain of furniture and household goods has 61 stores in Russia. The total area of hypermarkets of the network is more than 380,000 m2. The company employs more than 6,400 employees, Hoff hypermarkets are visited by more than 17 million people annually, and website traffic hoff.ru and the Hoff mobile app accounts for 113 million visitors per year.

About PIX Robotics

PIX Robotics is a Russian developer of technological and innovative solutions for medium and large businesses. The PIX ecosystem includes PEX RPA and PEX BI products. The PIX platform is included in the register of domestic software and meets the requirements of state regulators. PIX Robotics has been a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center since 2019. The company is trusted by 100+ clients in the Enterprise segment.