GMCS is recognized as one of the largest IT suppliers for Manufacturing
19 August 2019

GMCS is recognized as one of the largest IT suppliers for Manufacturing

GMCS joined the list of the largest IT suppliers for manufacturing prepared by CNews Analytics. 

GMCS revenue from IT projects for manufacturing amounted to 522.8 million rubles. The main automation areas: maintenance and repair of equipment (MRO), including through the use of VerEx Platform solutions, budgeting, human resource management, business intelligence, mathematical optimization, custom mobile development. 

“GMCS quite well understands the needs of manufacturing industries. We have been cooperating with many of our customers for 3-5 years or more. Expertise in complex tasks and business processes, a wide product line, including our solutions in the field of maintenance and repair, predictive repairs and equipment life cycle management, continuous development of internal team allows us to act as a reliable partner in digitalization and solving problems of Industry 4.0,” said Stanislav Otinov, Head of Manufacturing Execution Systems, GMCS. 

The total revenue of the 50 largest IT suppliers for the industry at the end of 2018 amounted to 63.3 billion rubles, which is 39.5% more than in 2017. According to estimates, the global market for Industry 4.0 products and services is expected to grow in the coming years, an average of 37% per year. 

The TechNet Roadmap (National Technology Initiative) envisages the development of end-to-end technologies such as digital design and modeling, new materials, 3D printing, CNC technology, smart sensors, industrial robots; ERP systems, big data and industrial internet. According to the calculations of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, by 2024, labor productivity should increase by 30%, and the export share of equipment should increase from 8 to 13%.