GMCS is in the Top 10 IT leaders for Industry in Russia
GMCS is in the Top 10 IT leaders for Industry in Russia
24 May 2023

GMCS is in the Top 10 IT leaders for Industry in Russia

The business portal "Production Management" has published the results of the rating "Leaders of information technologies for Industry 2023". GMCS took 6th place with a revenue of 762 million rubles at the end of 2022. 

The total revenue of the rating participants amounted to more than 21.6 billion rubles, and the number of projects is more than 1000 units. In 2022, GMCS completed 38 projects for industrial enterprises. 

Positions of GMCS in terms of solutions:

  • Human resources management (HRM), logistics management (purchasing, SCE, SCM, WMS, TMS) - 1st place.
  • Performance management (BI, CPM) - 3rd place.
  • Corporate information management systems (ERP), asset management and maintenance (EAM) - 4th place.

 GMCS positions by industry:

  • Radio-electronic industry - 1st place.
  • Food industry - 2nd place.
  • Metallurgy, energy - 3rd place.
  • Mining industry, production of building materials - 4th place.
  • Engineering - 6th place.
  • Chemistry and petrochemistry - 7th place.
  • Oil and gas complex - 9th place.

“We have been participating in this rating for more than 8 years in a row, occupying leading positions. In 2022, the IT strategy of industrial enterprises was determined by increasing technological independence and ensuring cybersecurity. On our projects, we helped industrial companies with import substitution, and also solved the problems of developing the systems and solutions used,” commented Stanislav Otinov, Director of the Production Systems Department, GMCS.

“The Leaders of Information Technologies for Industry” rating has been held annually since 2013 and aims to provide reliable and objective information to Russian manufacturing enterprises about which IT companies are leaders in the manufacturing sector and they are competent to solve specific automation tasks for manufacturers.