GMCS is among the largest players on the Russian RPA market
GMCS is among the largest players on the Russian RPA market
31 August 2023

GMCS is among the largest players on the Russian RPA market

TAdviser has published a large-scale overview of the RPA market in Russia for 2022. GMCS took 2nd place in terms of revenue from the implementation of RPA projects, which in 2022 amounted to more than 80 million rubles.

GMCS is implementing the following domestic RPA solutions: PIX Robotics, Primo RPA, ROBIN. The company has a wide expertise in the field of robotic process automation, has a pool of its own RPA solutions for typical operations. In terms of import substitution, GMCS offers migration services from such RPA platforms as UiPath, Blue Prism, Microsoft Power Automate, etc.

According to experts, foreign vendors accounted for up to 90% of the Russian RPA market, but now their share has fallen to 15%. The revenue of vendors and integrators of RPA solutions has also naturally increased. The RPA market has in total grown by 48% and reached the level of 8.7 billion rubles.

According to TAdviser experts, the quality of Russian solutions for migration from foreign platforms has noticeably increased. In particular, they note improvements in functionality and stability. However, vendors have yet to improve the security and convenience of their products for users and developers.

“We have implemented dozens of robotization cases in such areas as information security, finance, HR, sales, etc. Our robots help customers optimize routine processes and save employee time. I agree that domestic RPA solutions have undergone significant changes. The functionality has become much wider and the performance has improved. Now we are continuing migration projects with customers, as well as implementing robots based on Russian solutions from scratch,” said Dmitry Smykalov, Head of RPA Department, GMCS.