GMCS in the TOP 5 IT leaders for the Russian industry
GMCS in the TOP 5 IT leaders for the Russian industry
25 April 2022

GMCS in the TOP 5 IT leaders for the Russian industry

The business portal "Upravlenie Proizvodstvom" ("Production Management") has published the rating "Leaders of information technologies for industry". GMCS, one of the regular participants in the rating, entered the TOP 5 largest IT suppliers for industry in terms of revenue and the number of projects implemented in 2021.

The rating "Leaders of Information Technologies for Industry" provides Russian manufacturing enterprises with unbiased information about which IT companies are leaders in the manufacturing sector and have the competence to solve specific automation tasks.

The total revenue of the rating participants for 2021 amounted to more than 100.5 billion rubles, their revenue from activities for manufacturing enterprises – more than 29.5 billion rubles, and the total number of projects for industrial companies – more than 1580 pcs., which is a significant part of the IT market for the industrial sector.

According to experts of the portal, the winners of the rating are the best IT companies in Russia: strong, professional, able not only to survive, but also to actively develop in any economic situation.

GMCS revenue from the implementation of IT projects in industry in 2021 amounted to 880.6 million rubles, which is 20% more than in the previous year. GMCS implemented projects of various functional orientation for such companies as Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, RUSAL, ALROSA, Pipe Metallurgical Company, Unipro, SUEK, STM-Service and others. In addition, the company actively developed cooperation with Russian solution providers – Foresight, Factory5, GreenData, etc. All this allowed GMCS to maintain and improve its position in the ranking.

By areas:

  • Asset Management, maintenance and repair (EAM) – 3rd place
  • Performance Management (BI, CPM) – 3rd place
  • Human Resource Management (HRM) – 4th place
  • Logistics Management (Procurement, SCE, SCM, WMS, TMS) – 5th place
  • Corporate Information Management Systems (ERP) – 6th place

By industry:

  • Instrumentat making – 2nd place
  • Energy sector – 3rd place
  • Woodworking industry – 3rd place
  • Mining industry – 4th place
  • Production of construction materials – 4th place
  • Food industry – 4th place
  • Metallurgy – 4th place
  • Oil and gas complex – 6th place
  • Chemistry and Petrochemistry – 7th place

"Now the most pressing question is what to do with Western software. Of course, it is impossible to momentary replace the systems and services used. Prior to the current situation, a gradual transition to an increase in the share of Russian industrial software and the index of technological independence was assumed. We recommend that you approach the search for alternatives carefully in order to balance the risks of implementing and operating solutions. We have been working with Russian developers for several years and are ready to help replace Western solutions in terms of managing production assets, capital construction, repair and intelligent maintenance of equipment and other urgent tasks," commented Stanislav Otinov, Head of the Production Systems Department at GMCS.