GMCS on the TAdviser Russian IT market map
GMCS on the TAdviser Russian IT market map
12 May 2022

GMCS on the TAdviser Russian IT market map

TAdviser released a new map of the domestic information technology market, which represents more than 450 companies in the IT industry.

The map includes both traditional and new sections, taking into account changes in the Russian IT market and the withdrawal of Western software vendors. TAdviser analysts have identified the largest and most relevant market segments and grouped companies in relation to them.

GMCS is marked in the following categories:

  • System integration, consulting, outsourcing
  • IBM Competence Centers
  • Microsoft Competence Centers

In addition, GMCS provides expertise to support other popular Western solutions (SAP, Quick, Ui Path, etc.). GMCS also actively interacts with Russian IT companies such as Foresight, SberCloud, Novo BI, GreenData, Factory5 and others, and is constantly expanding its portfolio with new promising domestic solutions and services.

"Firstly, the new map of the Russian IT market has become more diverse - we have included more than 450 carefully selected companies in it, and secondly, it is updated to the current circumstances that have arisen due to the suspension of the work of the largest foreign vendors," said Alexander Levashov, editor-in-chief of TAdviser. - The Russian IT market is highly developed and filled with offers in a variety of areas. The map will help you navigate and find the necessary suppliers and contractors."

To view the updated version of the map, follow the link.