GMCS implemented Business Intelligence in L.Argo
8 October 2018

GMCS implemented Business Intelligence in L.Argo

GMCS developed BI system based on QlikView for L.Argo, a large distribution company on the Russian market of children's goods. The system analyzes the distributor’s key financial and operational indicators. 

GMCS set up 9 information dashboards that help L.Argo analyze sales in details (structure, revenue, clients and other), control financial indicators and accounts receivable, as well as track payment due dates. The system is also used for effective sales planning, logistics analysis, distribution analysis. The company is able to identify and respond urgently to market changes.

In addition, the BI system allows L.Argo to assess the performance of sales managers: control plan execution, monitor the effectiveness of the work on transactions and so on. The work of each manager is as transparent and clear as possible, which is important in the distribution business. 

“To maintain competitiveness and offer customers the best product range and conditions, it is important to have quality data. In many ways, analytics is the basis for the digitalization of the distribution business. QlikView meets our needs. It is an easy-to-understand and user-friendly analytical system, convenient to work with every day. Every year we increase the number of workstations, attracting more and more business users to strengthen efforts with data”, commented David Adamia, Head of IT Department, L.Argo. 

GMCS utilized its expertize and developments to implement the project. The first project stage lasted less than 3 months. GMCS has been developing the system till present. 

“We have been cooperating with L.Agro more two years and rapidly responding to the customer’s needs. The Agile Method enables L.Agro to increase the capacity of the system in an optimal way for business”, added Maria Fedulkina, Project Manager, Vertical Solutions Division, GMCS.    

About L.Argo 

L.Argo was founded in 1992 and during 26 years of operation has gone from a small firm to a large distribution company, well known in the Russian market of children's goods. Product range includes baby products well known to Russian consumer, produced in Russia, the European Union, Israel, U.S.A., New Zealand, Japan, Turkey, and China.