GMCS has provided NIPIGAS with a BI system
24 October 2019

GMCS has provided NIPIGAS with a BI system

GMCS has completed the implementation of a QlikView-based analytical reporting system for NIPIGAS, the SIBUR's leading center for design management, supply, logistics and construction management. he system is designed to track and manage all design and technical documents for the construction of the Amur Gas Processing Plant, which is managed by NIPIGAS as a general contractor.

The Amur Gas Processing Plant of PJSC Gazprom will become the largest gas processing plant in Russia and one of the largest plants in the world. It is built under the Eastern gas program of PJSC Gazprom.

The BI system allows tracking of the correspondence management with various organizations and the movement of a huge amount of design and technical documentation from multiple contractors, who are involved in the project. QlikView analyzes more than 100 different indicators coming from several systems: EDMS, technical document management systems and manual data sources.

"NIPIGAS provides a full range of project management services, including preparation of working documentation, the supply of equipment and materials, construction and installation works, subsequent transfer of the enterprise to the customer. The analytical system allows online monitoring of the release of design and technical documentation while responding quickly to any changes as well as making the necessary changes to the documentation", - says Natalia Karika, Head of Technical Document Management Department, NIPIGAS.

The main project was completed in 6.5 months. The system has nine dashboards, including an information panel for KPI tracking. With the built-in report designer, users can customize their own reports and share the results with colleagues from related departments.

"The analytical solution is ready for the peak load of the project, which falls on the current and 2020 years. As part of the development, the new indicators were added to the analytical system in accordance with the requirements of NIPIGAS," said Elena Ivanova, Project Manager, GMCS.

Information about NIPIGAS

NIPIGAS is the leading Russian center for design, supply, logistics and construction management. It is a part of SIBUR, the largest Russia's integrated petrochemical company. NIPIGAS involved in major projects in the oil and gas industry and petrochemistry. The website