GMCS goes into digital marking together with Utrace
18 November 2019

GMCS goes into digital marking together with Utrace

GMCS has concluded a partnership agreement with Utrace. It is a Russian developer of a platform for marking and tracking goods. Utrace has awarded GMCS "Gold Partner" status to provide a full range of IT services as part of the transition to digital marking.

As partners, GMCS and Utrace will combine expertise in the food and consumer goods manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and logistics markets. GMCS will provide integration and consulting services within marking implementation projects at all stages. 

The Utrace platform fully complies with legal requirements, allowing to automate key business processes related to marking. The Utrace platform includes ready-made solutions for all participants of the marking market from a manufacturer to a customer: Utrace HUB, Utrace Proxy, Utrace WM, Utrace Scan, Utrace Check.

"Drawing on its experience in product traceability, we decided to expand the Track&Trace area with new products. In the face of the Utrace team we have found a reliable partner with ready-made Russian solutions that have already proven themselves in the market," commented Sergey Korovin, Division Manager of GMCS.

Mandatory marking of goods in Russia has been gradually implementing. It is expected that by 2024 it will extend to all consumer products from clothing to food. The tracking system will be unified for Russia and the EAEU. The Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CRPT) will be an operator of the system of digital marking and tracing of goods.

"We have practical experience in the implementation of marking projects for large and medium-sized businesses, deeply understand how the project affects the business processes and IT landscape of companies. We have accumulated a knowledge base with ready-made process diagrams and integrations with ERP, WMS, MES systems. The government together with the CRPT is launching pilot marking projects in new industries. This creates a need for highly qualified and reliable partners. We are pleased to be granted with the status of "Gold Partner". Our colleagues demonstrate deep expertise and involvement in the customer tasks," said Konstantin Ivanov, CEO of Utrace.

Information about Utrace

Utrace is an innovative company, one of the first companies in the Russian market which has developed solutions for tracking the movement of goods throughout the logistics chain and automatic reporting to the CRPT system. The company's product portfolio includes ready-made marking solutions for all market participants from manufacturer to purchaser: Utrace Hub, Utrace WMS, Utrace Scan, Utrace Check, Utrace Proxy.