GMCS and will be developing smart chatbots
GMCS and will be developing smart chatbots
7 June 2022

GMCS and will be developing smart chatbots

GMCS, one of the Russian IT market leaders in the implementation of business applications and software development, and С , a Russian service for creating AI chatbots, have become partners. GMCS will offer intelligent service scenarios using functional bots and virtual assistants with artificial intelligence to support internal and external business processes.

The market for corporate dialogue platforms using artificial intelligence has evolved greatly over the past few years. Chatbot now is an independent tool for corporate communication and interaction with customers. In Russia, the potential of AI chatbots in business is still underestimated, while consumers are used to receiving services in digital format in all areas of interaction. is a comprehensive platform that allows you to create and run complex service scenarios in sales, marketing, service desk, HR, as well as support office processes. Bots perform routine repetitive tasks faster, save users time and improve other metrics. The user can communicate with the bot in natural language in any communication channels 24/7.

"The development of the partner ecosystem is a key priority for us now – we have decided to gradually abandon direct sales and focus as much as possible on the development of the service.  We are glad that we have such a business partner as GMCS in the enterprise segment. has more than 500 possible application cases and ideas for chatbots in the corporate market. Now that many Western services have become unavailable, we can offer not only the usual, but also new effective dialog scenarios together with our partners," says Sergey Shlykov, CEO

In the current difficult economic conditions, companies most often use bots for proactive communication (initiation of a dialogue by a bot, mailing lists, notifications and reminders), as well as human-like communication when the bot maintains a dialogue with the user on abstract topics (small talk). Owing to AI tools, the bot remembers the context, understands phrases with typos, escalates appeals to the care service when a negative is detected. Bots are also effective for conducting A/B testing in order to test hypotheses and learn on the fly.

GMCS will use both ready-made solutions and create its own bots, including them in its product line. Low-code platform Conversational Platform opens up wide opportunities for automating communication with the help of smart virtual assistants which do not require programming.

"GMCS is ready to offer customers bots and virtual assistants to expand the capabilities of current systems and services, as well as support new service models. Of the ready-made solutions, RecruitBot from for optimizing recruiting and HR functions is of particular interest. We are also interested in developing industry solutions for the corporate market," says Alexander Galkin, Vice President of GMCS.

About is a service for creating functional bots with artificial intelligence. The leader of growth in the Russian Conversational AI market. Conversational Platform is included in the register of domestic software.