GMCS and Arenadata became partners
GMCS and Arenadata became partners
28 July 2022

GMCS and Arenadata became partners

GMCS has entered into a partnership with Arenadata, a Russian developer of a corporate platform for collecting and storing Big Data. Cooperation will allow GMCS to offer customers new opportunities in the field of working with Big Data.

As a certified partner, GMCS will provide system integration services based on the Arenadata technology stack for Big Data. In particular, GMCS will migrate from traditional enterprise DBMS to modern data management systems. Another area of cooperation will be the development of forecasting solutions using machine learning.

"We are glad to see GMCS in our partner network. I believe that thanks to its 25 years of experience in the IT market, as well as deep industry expertise, GMCS will help large corporate customers unlock the potential of using Big Data with our solutions," says Anton Martynov, Director of Partner Relations at Arenadata. 

The central product of Arenadata is the Arenadata Enterprise Data Platform (EDP), designed for collecting, transforming and processing any types of data. The platform also supports the integration of machine learning models for forecasting purposes as part of solving a wide range of business tasks. Arenadata-based solutions have an optimal total cost of ownership in comparison with analogues and meet the requirements of import substitution.

"We see a growing market interest in Russian solutions for working with Big Data. Arenadata products allow you to build corporate repositories for processing and efficient use of huge amounts of information. Of particular interest to us is the development of qualitatively new forecasting solutions based on the Arenadata stack" comments Andrey Tolchennikov, curator of cloud services, GMCS.

About Arenadata

Arenadata is a Russian developer of an enterprise–level data platform based on open source technologies Arenadata EDP. The platform components effectively replace many DBMS of world manufacturers, as well as legacy solutions in modern IT infrastructure. Arenadata specializes in the development of Open Source products for building corporate repositories in large organizations. The company's solutions are used in such areas as retail, oil and gas industry, public sector, telecommunications, banking sector and many others.