ABI PRODUCT transfers data to GIS Mercury using GMCS solution
6 August 2018

ABI PRODUCT transfers data to GIS Mercury using GMCS solution

ABI PRODUCT, one of the largest meat processing companies in Russia, chose the solution "VerEx. Veterinary" of GMCS to transfer the data to the government information system Mercury and register electronic veterinary certificates. 

From July 1, 2018, all animal products are subject to obligatory electronic veterinary certification in the Mercury. 

From June 30 to July 31, 2018, over 1,195,000 electronic veterinary accompanying documents were issued for ABI PRODUCT’s products in the Mercury. "VerEx. Veterinary" helped ABI PRODUCT to transfer automatically necessary data from the management system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX to the Mercury. 

“The system Mercury ensures the transparency of the whole chain of processes, from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of finished product to the end user. It was important for us to take into account the volumes of production and supplies, understand all the features of the system, avoid possible bottlenecks, and comply with all stages of the company's work," notes Alexander Balabanov, Director of Information and Communication Technologies, ABI PRODUCT. GMCS performed the integration because the company participated in the project on automation of output logistics. The project was important for the further development of our company's business. The well-coordinated work of the joint project team made it possible to avoid failures in shipments and delivery of products from the first days of the system operation." 

The customer's management system required adaptation to integrate with the Mercury. The solution is based on the interaction of the management system with the Mercury using Vetis.API version 2.0.

"ABI PRODUCT is one of the leaders in terms of digitalization in its industry. Working with such a progressive customer is very interesting. Now we are finishing the cloud service that will make integration with the Mercury simpler and more convenient," adds Sergey Korovin, Manager of Department, GMCS.


ABI PRODUCT is one of the leading Russian meat processing companies, with full production and distribution cycle.

Implementing marketing and production innovations Company produces high quality meat products for a wide range of consumers all over the country. ABI PRODUCT owns and operates 3 facilities located in Russia and produces sausage goods, frozen pre-made and ready meals for consumers with different taste preferences and income level.

The company’s distribution network currently covers 72 regions of Russia, as well as to Abkhazia, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus.