GMCS and Avanpost became partners
GMCS and Avanpost became partners
24 May 2022

GMCS and Avanpost became partners

Avanpost, a leading Russian developer of identification systems and access control to enterprise information resources, and GMCS, one of the leaders of the IT market in the implementation of business solutions and software development, announced the conclusion of a partnership agreement. The status of a golden partner will give GMCS the opportunity to sell, implement and support solutions based on the entire Avanpost product line for access control: Avanpost IDM, PKI, FAM and Web SSO.

The use of Avanpost products will allow GMCS to offer customers domestic solutions for managing access to enterprise corporate resources (Avanpost IDM), managing public key infrastructure elements from a single center (Avanpost PKI), unified employee authentication in corporate resources (Avanpost FAM), as well as unified user authentication in portals and external applications (Avanpost Web SSO).

"Cooperation with Avanpost is a continuation of our strategy of expanding the portfolio of import-independent solutions. In the current situation, the demand for high-quality Russian solutions in the field of corporate information security has increased many times. We are actively working with customers in this area, offering a full range of services for the organization of management and control of user access rights, including within the framework of the vendor's import substitution program on preferential terms. At the moment, a project has already started using Avanpost solutions in a large state structure," commented Maria Venediktova, Vice President of GMCS.

Avanpost solutions are developed tin accordance with the requirements of the legislation, certified and included in the Unified Register of the Russian software.

"We are pleased to join GMCS to our partner network. The assignment of the golden partner status to the company is the result of a high assessment of broad expertise, rich project experience and excellent reputation in the IT market, as well as the presence of the integrator's branches in major cities of Russia. Together with our partners, we simplify the opportunities for customers to solve problems in the field of security, control and management of access to information at the highest level," said Alexander Sanin, Commercial director of the company "Outpost".

About Avanpost

Avanpost — is a leading Russian developer of identification and access control systems. Outpost has been operating in the information technology market since 2007 and is a technology leader in the Identity Management segment.

The company's solutions include:

Avanpost IDM – centralized access management system for enterprise corporate resources;
Avanpost PKI – management system for all elements of the PKI infrastructure from a single center;
Avanpost FAM – unified employee authentication system in corporate resources of the organization;
Avanpost Web SSO - unified user authentication system in portals and external applications.

All solutions are developed inaccordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and included in the Unified Register of domestic software. Outpost solutions work successfully both as independent products and are easily integrated into a single software package, allowing companies to automate all processes related to access control and management.